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Frequently Asked Questions

What sofa & upholstery types do you clean?

We have experience in cleaning sectional sofas, Chesterfield, Lawson-style sofa, mid-century modern, English, Bridgewater, camel back, cabriole, all sorts of sleeper sofas, loveseat sofas, divans, settees, stools, chairs, armchairs, as well as all bed furniture types.

Is there any sofa fabric type you do not treat?

No.Different fabric types require different cleaning approaches. We have many years of experience which allows us to successfully treat all sofa types without damaging their fibres.

What leather types do you clean?

We clean both genuine and faux leather sofas. Nubuck, suede, aniline, pigmented leather - we clean it all!

Do i need to be at home when you clean my sofa(s)?

We do not require your presence during the cleaning treatment but you need to be present once we are done so you can assess our work and have us re-clean if necessary.

How long does it take for a sofa to dry out after being steam cleaned?

It usually takes between 4 and 6 hours for a both natural or synthetic fabric to dry out. However, if you don’t want to wait so long, we can provide powerful air movers that will accelerate drying out. If you choose this option, your sofa will be fully dry in 2 hours.

Do you guarantee there won’t be any damage inflicted on my sofa?

We know very well all fabric types and how to properly treat them. So far, we have never damaged client’s sofa or upholstery. However, in case some damage does occur, we are fully insured and ready to pay the current market value of the damaged item.

Do i have to provide the detergents?

No, we carry our own professional detergents, that will certainly do the job. However, if you insist on us using a specific detergent we do not use, we will still treat your sofa but we won’t guarantee that the stains will be fully removed and the fibres will remain undamaged.

What types of detergents do you use?

We use professional Prochem solutions that have been fully approved by both UK and EU’s authorities. Using their products mean delivering great results without causing any damage to the fabrics. You can also be sure that our detergents are 100% child & pet safe.

There are cleaning labels on the bottom of every furniture piece. In that case, why hiring a professional cleaning provider? I could simply follow the instructions and clean my furniture all by myself.

Certified technicians know how to deal with any kinds of sofa fabrics. Sofa Cleaning London has great experience when determining what chemicals to use in order to ensure both successful cleaning and tissue preservation. Delicate fabrics like silk, plush etc. can be easily damaged should you choose to apply the wrong chemical or cleaning method. Also, we use machines capable of quick drying which is essential when preserving the fabric tissues.

How fast can you arrive once an order have been placed?

If you’ve placed a same day appointment order, we would usually arrive within a two-hours time frame. However, if you required an emergency cleaning session, depending on our availability we could be at your doorsteps within half an hour.

What is your availability?

We are at your disposal from Monday to Sunday, starting from 7 a.m. up until 7p.m. You can also count on us on weekends and holidays, late nights and early mornings. Basically, we are ready to clean your sofas 365/365 all day long!

Payment methods

We offer you wide variety of paying methods including cash, credit/debit card (all but American Express), bank transfer and cheque. You only pay what you’ve booked without no extra charges

Do you have experience cleaning office furniture?

Yes. During all these years we have been on the market, we have worked with several companies and maintained their office furniture. For more information, please call our customer care and they will give you our special business partners discount.