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Natural Fabric Sofa Cleaning

natural fabric sofa cleaningNatural sofa fabric is preferred due to its high-quality non-toxic materials. They suit perfectly in living rooms because they tend to wrinkle quite easily. Even though cotton and linen are considered quite wear & fading resistant, they are quite hard to clean when soiled - dirt tend to embed deep into linen fibres which make is difficult to remove. Treating these sofa fabric types requires a delicate touch and proper detergent use. Keep in mind that unprofessional treatment can result in discoloration, shrinkage even tissue deterioration. Expert touch is the safest solution for deep sofa cleaning.

How can we help you?

As an experienced sofa cleaning provider, we can guarantee you great results - color rejuvenation and fabric protection. We have special detergents meant for natural fabrics. No damage will ever come to your lovely cotton sofa. Once we are done, your sofa will shine and smell like new. That will not only improve its condition but the indoor air quality too. Choosing us will also get you:

  • Hassle-free services provided accessible 7/7 (Bank holidays & urgent calls included)
  • Affordable prices
  • 48 hrs quality service guarantee
  • Important post cleaning tips

Natural fabric sofa types we clean

With over 10 years of experience, we can now provide excellent results in cleaning all types of natural fabrics - linen, cotton, cotton blend, silk. Leather is also considered natural fabric and is our core business. More information you can find on our leather sofa dedicated page.

Risk-free cleaning procedures

Although baking soda is quite a popular remedy against grease spills, we recommend you reduce DIY sofa cleaning to a minimum. Linen and some delicate fabrics like silk should be professionally cleaned when soiled otherwise you risk having them dramatically shrunk. Also, some mixed materials (usually cotton blended with synthetic fibres) require a specific treatment that Sofa Cleaning London’s technicians are fully trained in.

The first thing our cleaners would do is preconditioning. It involves a thorough inspection of your sofa fabrics and testing it for colorfastness. That is the how they decide which method to apply. Most often, when treating natural fabrics we rely on hot water extraction. Our powerful 400 psi steam heat extractors could easily dissolve dirt, dust, allergy-causing particles and germs of all types. We guarantee you that our steam cleaning procedure will never cause fibres to shrink or change their colors. Another reliable method we apply is dry cleaning. Basically, this is cleaning through chemical agents application. The advantage here is there’s almost no drying time when using this approach.

Upon request, we could also offer you a special stain resistant finish which protects your couch or sofa from all sorts of spills.

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Time to rejuvenate your sofa and bring back the sense of freshness in your home. Booking us is easy - either call 020 3746 2521 or fill in our booking form. Either way,  you’ll get served right away by our customer service staff. We require no deposit, nor there are fees for weekend & bank holidays. London citizens have also the privilege of urgent bookings - if we have teams operating in proximity to you, they can arrive as soon as one hour after you’ve placed your order!