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Sofa Cleaning Prices in London

Check out our special deals! What you’ll see on the site today are our current offers. These change with the seasons so don’t forget to check back often to see if there are any new packages. Beneath the ‘specials’ you’ll see our standard rates for upholstery dry and steam cleaning. 

Choose Sofa Cleaning London Ltd. to enjoy great workmanship and some of the most affordable services in the city!

Current cleaning dealsOrder Now!
L-shaped 3 seater Sofa + Armchair Now For £69 BOOK
2-seater Sofa + Armchair + Footstool For £61 BOOK
Leather 3-seater Sofa + Leather Armchair For £143 BOOK

Sofa & upholstery Cleaning

Steam cleaning
Two-seater Sofa £ 33
Three-seated Sofa £ 39
Armchair £ 20
Additional sofa seat £ 13
Dining chairs £ 7
Half length pair of curtains £ 19
Full-length pair of curtains £ 24
Dry cleaning
Armchair £ 47
Two-seater Sofa £ 66
Three-seated Sofa £ 78
Additional sofa seat £ 26
Dining chairs £ 26
Half length pair of curtains £ 66
Full-length pair of curtains £ 99
Mattress cleaning
Steam cleaning £ 21
Dry cleaning £ 35

 Extra protection services

 Price per roomPrice per seat
Stain protection £ 16 £ 10
Scotchgard protective layer application against stains and liquids
Bio insecticide £ 7 £ 3
Kills and deters flying and crawling insects on carpets or upholstery

* We have a minimum charge applies to all cleaning services. Request a callback and our team will give you the details. The price you’re quoted will include equipment, detergents, labor and all taxes.