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Chairs - Seats & Mattress Cleaning

chair cleaning londonEven though we are specialised in cleaning sofas, most particularly leather sofas, we can also be trusted in treating all other upholstery types - chairs, seats, mattresses.


Chairs come in wide variety of forms and upholstery fabrics. Over the years we have learnt how to treat many different chair types: Armchair, Ball Chair, Barcelona chair, Bean Bags, Bergere, butterfly chair, Cantilever Chair, Carver Chair, Chaise Longue, Chesterfield Chair, Club Chair, Cogswell Chair, Corner Chairs, Dining Chair, Eames Lounge Chair, easy chair, Gaming Chair, ottoman etc. In terms of fabrics, we are also capable of perfectly cleaning synthetic, natural and blended upholstery.

Car seats

Car seats are also upholstered therefore we clean them as well. No matter what type is your car upholstery - leather or polyester (most common seat type) you can count on us to provide an excellent cleaning service. We will fully remove all stains, colored drink spills, pet hair and bad smell. Once we are done, your car will smell great and have a gleaming interior.

Commercial upholstery

We also work with different companies and maintain their furniture. For instance, we have cleaned different restaurant seating including booth seats, chairs, bar stools, lounges. When it comes to office building furniture we have successfully dealt with all types of waiting area seating. Some offices and most often stores have upholstered walls made of leather - we have treated those as well. Remember that we have special discounts for businesses. Contact our customer care team and ask for your great deal today.

Mattress Cleaning

mattress cleaning londonWhen it comes to bed comfort, mattresses are a must have. However, due to their frequent use mattresses tend to pollute quite easily. Coffee spills, food leftovers, sweat, microbes, allergens - in time all these become extremely hard to remove. A professional treatment becomes the only solution.

Sofa Cleaning London is ready to provide quality cleaning of all bed furniture types including memory foam mattresses, orthopedic beds, spring mattresses, synthetic and natural fibres, cooling pads and even pillows and duvets. Our cleaning technician will select the best option for your needs and will administer the treatment carefully to ensure the best possible results.

Bed bugs extermination

Bed bugs or dust mites are more common than you think, and sometimes harder to spot than you’d expect. Book mattress cleaning in London to prevent or eliminate bedbug invasion and destroy dust mites too. Don’t tolerate these invaders in your sleeping quarters when a quick, simple and cost effective service will get rid of them and will allow you to enjoy uninterrupted, restful and restorative sleep.

The cleaning methods

Chairs & seats we treat with hot water extraction or dry cleaning. Both methods are powerful and provide great results. However, choosing which one to apply is entirely decided by our technicians since they are well aware of all the fabric's qualities and how resistant are they towards hot pressurized water and different chemical compounds.

When it comes to cleaning mattresses, we also use both methods mentioned above plus UV light treatment. We use this cleaning approach when dealing with dust mites, fungal spores, bed bugs and all other germs. The effect is immediate and your bed will be fully sanitised for quite some time. UV lights treatment is completely harmless to your mattress colour or fibres. We recommend you hire professionals to UV treat your bed at least 3 times a year - sleeping in clean, sanitized bed will prevent you from develop some allergic reactions or being infected.